About Me

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Alysha Palacio

I am a lover of pastries; give me all the baked goods. You can find me baking and experimenting with vegan baked goodies in the kitchen or overwhelmed with joy at a local bakery.


I have three years of clinical work, working with individuals, couples, and families at a private group practice. Mainly, I help clients embrace being experts in their own lives. I have assisted individuals with anxiety, depression, PTSD, perfectionism, self-critical thoughts, relationship concerns, intergenerational work, and working through grief.

Why I choose This Field?

From my lived experiences and the many years of helping other women, I know that putting yourself first and asking for help can bring up a lot of fear or shame. I spent a lot of my time caring for others at my expense. Walking on eggshells and taking blame or responsibility for others' emotional reactions are how I shrank myself so others have room. My inner bully would be tough on me if being a caretaker was not my number one priority. I slowed down and explored myself through community support, therapy, and meditation. It takes a lot of courage to be seen! I strive to create a space where you can be seen, and your voice heard.

A final word

Relationships are central to who we are and who we become; our relationships with the people, places, and things around us can be beautiful, complex, and connect us simultaneously. I believe that things do not happen in a vacuum; our social context and relationships impact us. I use a strengths-based approach that emphasizes collaboration between client and therapist to help clients view themselves as empowered and living the way they want. My goal is to create a safe, honest, and validating space to help you discover your authentic voice through the exploration of self.


Master of Science in Counseling Psychology, Chatham University
Bachelor of Arts- Psychology, University of South Florida
Associate of Arts- Psychology, Saint John's College Junior College